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Sadie Jasper is a born and raised Texas singer-songwriter combining genres of rock, pop, country and hip-hop in beautiful melodies and layered harmonies to create music that is uniquely hers. Her complex, poetic and haunting lyrics offer an honest glimpse into a woman coming of age while breaking free from an oppressive religious culture. Currently living on the Central California Coast, she brings us her latest release Her Kingdom Come. a celebration of female power, liberation and self-love.

Musical Roots

It was in the genes for Sadie, with a Country music pedigree descending from her great grandfather, longtime Grand Ole Opry member, Billy Grammer. One of the great guitar players of country music, Billy was playing behind some of the biggest names before forming his own band in Nashville in1958.  He celebrated his first hit with "Gotta Travel On," which peaked in the Top Five on the country charts. Billy also started the Grammer Guitar Company, inspired to create a guitar that would combine the sounds of his two favorite instruments, his Martin D-18 and Gibson J-45.  Sawing them in half, be began the pursuit of making the perfect flat-top guitar by inspecting them inside and out. Johnny Cash owned several Grammers and played them regularly during the late 1960s and 1970s. A flat-top guitar named after Grammer was installed in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1969.

The musicality continued with Sadie's own immediate family where she grew up around singers, musicians and family jam sessions. Taking piano lessons while teaching herself guitar all through high school, Sadie immersed in the theater program, performing in musicals and plays while growing her confidence.  Her assurance was also building that she was destined to become a career musician, songwriter and performer.

Religion in her formative years

Daughter to an Anglican priest, teacher and administrator in a private school in Dallas Texas, Sadie graduated in a class of four, spending most of her high school in classes as the only girl. Enduring a strict curriculum where feminism and expressionism were suppressed, Sadie struggled to find her voice as an evolving woman, but her efforts were seen as rebellious and met with both physical and emotional punishment. Her family eventually cut ties with the church and school, relocating to California right after Sadie graduated high school. Initially joining another Anglican church in their new home, the family eventually left the church completely. Sadie found love in a new husband and became a young mother to two boys.


Finding her way

Still battling with her indoctrinated beliefs of God and faith, Sadie fell into mental health challenges of anxiety and self-doubt.

"I left the church, my entire community, and didn’t really know who I was anymore. Nothing made sense, including my marriage and being a young mom. It was hard for me to accept the reality of my life, my choices, and move forward with a healthier and more confident outlook, all at the same time. I became paralyzed in my self-expression for fear that I wouldn't be accepted. Because I already felt really lonely and that’s a terrifying feeling."

Redemption through family & her voice

After almost completing her certification as a yoga teacher and still struggling emotionally, Sadie had a defining moment: music was the only answer.  Committing to her health —mentally, spiritually & physically—Sadie dove into reinventing herself to become the woman and artist she always wanted to be. She immersed herself in writing songs and music, and released her first EP Shut It Off in 2021. Vulnerability and truth felt natural, and telling her story was the therapy she needed to heal. Sadie was taking her power back.  Her family supported her completely and her latest album, Her Kingdom Come,  begins her journey to addressing her anger and dissociation from her trauma. The album is a progressive concept record, whose songs continues to give her fans a glimpse of how she found peace and redemption through family, self-love and music.

Read Sadie's Blog post on the making of her new record.

"Not Here in the Now" is the expression of that first step in this journey of coming back to myself. Admitting the sadness and detachment from reality is so important, because the anger doesn’t make sense if you don’t. I began to work through these emotions of sadness and anger that eventually turned into bravery, humor, and self confidence. I realized I was writing an album about female liberation and self love."

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